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Alex Walker
A kind hearted man from the L2 Colony Cluster. He joins the side of the rebels to help combat against the forces of OZ along with his friend Maximus PeaceCraft. His unit name is Rampage, but is registered as Gundam 07 by OZ and the Alliance.

Last Modified: 10 September, 2001
Kain Surge
Eldest son of Lt. Surge who is not totally human. At the age of three he under went an experimental process divised by Silph Co. and Team Rocket to treat the terminally ill--this process leaving the blood of a Houndoom and Charizard pumping through his fiery veins. This left him changed forever, the color of his hair and eyes being distorted to their present state. It also succeeding in making him the evilest man to set foot on the Kanto region.

Last Modified: 10 September, 2001
Maximus PeaceCraft
Older brother to Relena PeaceCraft, but younger than his brother Miliardo. He is sometimes a truly arrogant man, his piloting skills being superior to that of most other pilots--Gundam or OZ. Hell Angel is the name of the unit he pilots, the sixth Gundam to make its way to Earth... it is also the third unit housing the Zero System.

Last Modified: 10 September, 2001