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crycat.jpg Aflara
age: 15
she is somewhat quiet and moody, but will lighten up around friends. she loves to create things, like drawing, and also plays guitar.

i created her as a mirror of myself, in a way. she can be either furry or human; when human, drawn anime-like; when furry, she is a siamese (with purple points). i made up her name years ago, and although i don't like it that much, it has stuck.

Last Modified: 23 March, 2002
keeshapiggie.gif Keesha
A half-cheshire furry, Keesha is your typical super-kawaii candy raver kitten. she is hyper and always seems like she's sugar-high-- but there's a depth behind that that no one ever sees.

keesha was created in february 2001-- she is one of my earliest characters. although she might look it, keesha was not a copy of hi*c -- i created her before i saw dana copes' pictures. just tryin to be safe. ;3

Last Modified: 23 March, 2002
rosewenrose.gif Rosewen
She is a feline furry, with rose-coloured hair and turquoise fur. She loves to wear pink and purple, dance with glo-sticks, mousse pocky, and her pink sunglasses. Rosewen's name is partly derived from tolkien's elvish, where the suffix -wen means lady. She does not like cigarettes or their smell, rap-rock music, or headphones that break too easily.

Last Modified: 10 February, 2002