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sketch-BV.jpg Bitch "BV" Voop
And, finally, the third and final of Terri's (in)famous puppet characters. BV was also the most significant mistake of said characters.

This mistake occurred when Tazel and Terri wanted to do a trio of Bob Rivers' parody songs for Yappy Fox (basically highlighting his nasty habit of "pooting" constantly during the run time of the show, which often would gas out everyone involved with the exceptions of himself and Terri because she didn't have a sense of smell during the times that she was an active participant on the show). At the time, Tazel and Terri made a custom CD that was just a bunch of the MP3s of various Bob Rivers songs, and the CD was presented to Rasvar (back when he was the one in charge of the A/V for the Funday Pawpet Show) with a slip of paper stating the three songs we wanted to perform (including track number).

Clearly, all Rasvar heard was "we want to perform three songs" and saw the first one on the list as start with this one. So the first song that was queued up was what Tazel and Terri were expecting. The next two songs, however, weren't.

Despite everything, Mutt Barker sprung up and started thanking Lumber and the currently unnamed Voop (a vixen puppet that Terri grabbed to be the female voice in the three songs we performed) about how great the songs were and how cool and everything. Suddenly, Terri needed to assign a voice to the unnamed Voop! So, taking on a bit of a shrill and painful falsetto, said Voop took all the thanks, before loudly proclaiming:
"RaaaaaaaasVAR? Those were the wrong songs!"
Rasvar: "Wait, what? No, you gave me a list and everything! I played you your three songs!"
Voop: "You played one of our three songs! You got the list! You're literate, aren't you?"

At that point, Mutt Barker recoiled and just loudly announced, "Whoa! You're a bitch!" And the name stuck; she was now Bitchvoop (BV so the show could more easily retain it's already shaky PG-13 status).

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sketch-Temp.jpg Mike "Temp" Ferret
Mike "Temp" Ferret so got his nickname because for the longest time he was just floating between temp assignment to temp assignment, often times getting canned rather than hired on for anything lasting for longer than a week; often times he would end up losing the job the same day he got the job. He's generally a bright ferret (despite the fact that he's still struggling with a smoking habit he picked up early in life to "take the edge off") who just keeps getting the short end of the stick... time and time and time and time again.

Life doesn't really appreciate Mike's diligence in return, it seems.

(Incidentally, the reason that Temp's "real name" is Mike has everything to do with Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the season after Joel left the show:
He hired a temp by the name of Mike
Just a regular joe he didn't like ♫)

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sketch-Shak.jpg Shak the Shark
Shak the Shark is (much like all of Terri Mouse's other puppets on the Funday Pawpet Show back when she used to do the show as a regular thing) an accident. Of course, when it came to Shak, he was basically the least accidental of all of Terri's characters that eventually became puppets.

With Shak, he was "conceived" back in March 12, 2000 when Terri was laying on a couch that was off the side of the duplex that the Funday Pawpet Show was being filmed in at the time, and started talking using the voice of Brak from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet. After a bit, though, Herbie demanded that Terri be handed a mic, and suddenly she found a mic being shoved right in her face. She took the mic, started vocalizing Brak on the air, and the rest (as they say) is history.

Shak the Shark was never intended to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but (much to Terri's dismay) the rest of the cast seems to manage to somehow out-stupid Shak.

Last Modified: 21 February, 2020