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daphnecool.jpg NightGirl
Real Name: Daphne Miller
Age: 14
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Location: Iron Gate City
Group Affiliation: Terra Knights
Daphne Miller was born deep in the jungles of Brazil while her parents were on an expedition from England. She was immediately taken away from her parents the night of her birth and stolen away into the jungles and to a cult searching for it's "Destroyer" in newborn children. The "Destroyer" was written to be the one who would bring destruction and death upon the enemies of the cult.

After testing her abilities, they found that she strangely had skills that seemed like that of the "Destroyers" she learned quickly and fought hard and ruthlessly. They instantly dubbed her as the "Destroyer". They called her only as such except for one man, named Kerro.

Kerro took pity on the poor child knowing she would grow up a heartless beast bent on the thirst of men's blood, as the child's training consisted of mostly the deadly arts. He would take her aside in secret and teach her of other things and other skills so her heart would not blacken or become stone. He did not want her to have the horrifying childhood he had to suffer through. Kerro soon became a sort of father figure for the Destroyer and affectionately named her, Heather (the name of Kerro's deceased mother).

The years passed and Heather's training grew intense. At the age of 6, she could kill men and had fought in her first battle, and had won. She was becoming stronger. Heather's rival cult, however, had been exposed to the child prodigy and had decided to thwart her power with another child. A male child and opponent. This male child they chose was 6 years of age as well but had only then begun his training. They called him, Havoc, and that is the only name he had ever received, he has become a sort of arch rival for Heather.

As Heather got older, she was confronted by the greatest of fighters. This great warrior had found a fancy in the child who was then merely 12 and had fought in many a battle and killed many men. He proceeded to take the child and rape her. She had been taught to obey the members of the cult so although she could easily kill him, she was forced to obey him and was sexually used. But only once.

One night before she went to rest, she overheard the elders speaking. They were discussing the future of the "Destroyer" and had decided that once she had wiped out the enemy cult and had assisted in whatever other difficulties there may have been, they would continue with the next step of the prophesies. It was written that the Destroyer would raise a child that would not only finish off whatever was in their way, but also help over take neighboring villages and the like. After she had finished the grand battle they planned on using her to create this child that would help them overtake anything they'd like. Then...they would kill the Destroyer.

Frightened and worried, the now 13-year-old raced to her "father's" side and confessed to him the sinful plots of the elders as well as letting out the horrible rape she suffered a year ago. Kerro, ashamed to have let such a thing happen to his "daughter", demanded she find safety in another place. Another continent. He assisted her to leave that night but promised to find her and the two of them would be free together.

Heather raced into the jungles but was chased by her own cult members until she could hide away in a vessel bound for another continent. America.

When the ship docked, Heather hid and observed the culture of these new people and tried to fit in as best she could. However, she wouldn't have made it far if it hadn't been for a sweet 13-year-old girl named Susan Campton. Susan brought the wild girl into her home and taught her some English and customs as well as a few other things. Susan called the girl "Louise Gear" because Heather could not speak her real name to her. However, the friendship was brief as one night Heather accidentally murdered Susan's father in fear that he was a cult member trying to harm her. Once she found out what really happened, she fled. The police were after her.

Heather went into hiding, traveling from city to city changing her name and look to hide from the cult members no doubt looking for their lost "Destroyer". She finally found herself in the big industrial city of Iron Gate. She took up a supposedly temporary residence in the city assuming the supposedly temporary identity of Daphne Miller.

One night, Daphne found her temporary apartment building being plundered by a burglar. Feeling a sense of responsibility for the place, she defended it and drove the burglar away, but also managed to be injured in the process. The landlady of the building was grateful and allowed Daphne to make a permanent home there.

The simple reason she became NightGirl is for the simple fact to make up for all the lives she destroyed in her youth. Her constant struggle against crime is more-or-less to save one life for her destruction of another.

I have no idea why you just read all that.

Summary: She just kicks her. ^.~

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