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Nat's a college student who's a victim of the times, and he loathes being a victim...

Nat does NOT wear a hat or a pair of glasses, and i still like him. wow!

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sromcol.jpg Srom TenNenzen
After being born on a February 19th, for the first long part of his life, srom had been nameless. He came upon his name from stumbling constantly during chapter one of who-knows-how-many. When he found it, he knew it was right because it came from who he was and also from who he was going to be - which was not-stumbly!

Finaly having some good idea of who he was, he was actually comfortable (and more graceful) in his town, which was small and friendly. He lived in the same town for decades with his brother, Moore TenNenzen, not particularly caring about much. It was a good life.

a good town, too, as more and more people were discovering. After years of people settling in, destroying the place with bill boards, gouging holes in the ground for oil and space, Srom could see his world changing. He joined some other original inhabitants and tried to revert the town without offending anyone, but with more and more truck loads of people pouring in, the little commitee they'd formed wan't doing much. They *couldn't* do much. Everyone in town was becoming cramped and very cranky, and no one seemed to be enlightened or interested in enlightenment anymore.

One day after a terrible night Srom realized that this town wasn't his home anymore. He wasn't good at science, but he knew agbout entropy and tried to swing with the change. After a while tho, it finaly dawned on him that THIS particular change wasn't doing him any good.

Grievous and angered, he packed up his nalgene and all of his books and pencils and umbrellas and left in the middle of the night without telling anyone, not even his younger brother (he wanted as little pomp as possible).

He'd closed his own second age. Good for him! He'd done it completely and officially, too.

What was outside the town?

It turned out to be the Wood For Wandering. Trees rocketed upward like cathedral pillars. Srom set his nalgene bottle by the trunk of one of the trees and explored his way around the girth of it. Fifteen minutes later srom finaly came back to the nalgene, where he promptly drained it.

Not satisfied with the amount of water in the bulletproof thermos, he found a river to refill it with. He saw someone in a more stagnant pool that the river made. It... was his reflection! But he looked so young... as tho thirty years had dropped away! The atmosphere of the Wood for Wandering, plus escaping successfully from an addiction, tends to do that to ya.

A couple of minutes later, he met Summonnee Lorne, who was catching fish so she could eat. Srom didn't know it, but Summonnee was going to be the woman he loved (corny, yes, but true) and for all the years after he would bake her masterful and delicious loaves of whole wheat bread (mmmmmmmmm...). Also within the same day, srom would learn about the wonders of coffee.


beginning my sophomore year at montserrat i began to get irritated at the fact that srom would never truly be an original character because the world that he lives in was not created by me.

so i humanized him... now the neverhoodian srom WAS meant to be ME, but after almost eight years? the little guy has been taking on a life of his own. that's why he doesn't look anything like me o).

srom's bodyshape is based on squares. is face is squared, his torso is squared, and he wears square glasses, unless i feel like drawing different ones. srom's ancestry goes back to czechoslovakia, on the side that is now the czech republic. his eyebrows are thick and long, heh.

the theme of his personality is that he's like a former superhero trying to not think about his past. he rejects the notion that spirituality comes from people more than it comes from the earth. he digs rationalism too. in the W.f.W., he's pretty content.

he has a girlfriend too. her name is Summonnee Lorne. She has blue hair. more on her later, hopefully.

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sumport.jpg Summonnee Elgin Lorne
half korean, half irish. i tend to stylize her a lot. of course she has glasses. i like spectacles.

her birthday is September 25th.

sum's history is pretty mysterious. her family, as far as her boyfriend srom is concerned, seems to be nonexistent. she's quiet but friendly for the most part, but when the situation is tense or when distracted, she tends to be cold towards people. she can't help it. she doesn't even know she's doing it when it happens.

where her name came from: the game final fantasy tactics has a type of character called a summoner. so a summoner is one who sends for something, and thus the SUMMONNEE is the one who's sent,right? right! i liked that idea a lot! so that's where her name came from. and 'lorne'? well, lorne just sounds good. it's also the guy who did the voice of abe in the oddworld games. that had something to do with it too. o) the name 'Elgin' is from an old sunken Scottish cathedral that i saw in a book last week; the name seemed cool and fitting.

sum's my kick-back character. i draw her when i want to make a picture that looks "cool". what i like to do is make characters who aren't perfect looking and still make them cool in an unexplainable way, or at least try to. but when i get frustrated with those ideals, that's what Lorne's for.

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