Side 7 Frequently Asked Questions
About Side 7

About Side 7

  1. What is Side 7? -
    Side 7 is an online virtual art gallery and community for novice and veteran artists, as well as art lovers. Side 7 provides free gallery space and services to artists and art lovers for the purpose of posting their artwork for global, public viewing, as well as enjoying others' artwork.

    In addition to free gallery space and services, Side 7 has a number of higher-access accounts that are obtainable through subscription fees, or Account Credits.
  2. What is Side 7's mission? -
    Our mission, and the reason Side 7 was created, was to provide aspiring novice artists, as well as experienced veteran artists, a haven in which to learn and improve their skills. Designed as an artist community, as opposed to only an art archive, Side 7 attempts to create an inviting atmosphere where artists from all walks of life can gain insight into the world of art, obtain knowledge and experience through tutorials, critiques and help from more advanced artists, and earn friendships and respect from other people around the world who share their love of artwork. To this end, Side 7 attempts to keep a friendly environment, both online and offline, where all can feel welcome.
  3. Who runs Side 7? -
    Side 7 is owned, operated, and writen by Jason Lamey, aka "Bad Karma." He is helped by Rebecca Lamey, aka "Furrball," and Dan Mahoney, aka "Gushi."

    Jason is responsible for writing all of the site's code, and development of site-related graphics. Rebecca helps out from time to time with user accounts and site finances. Dan handles server administration.
  4. Is Side 7 associated with any other archive? -
    No, Side 7 is not associated with any other archive. Additionally, Side 7 is not in competition with any other archive. Side 7 freely links to, and directs site members to, other existing art archives. We feel that it is more beneficial to the member to have as much exposure as possible through accounts on multiple art archives.
  5. I'd like to help keep Side 7 running. How can I help out financially or otherwise? -
    If you wish to help out Side 7 financially, we thank you. There are several different ways you can do so:

    • Donation of funds or equipment.
    • Subscribing to a 5 Star Account.
    • Buying merchandise from the Side 7 store.

    All of these methods help the site out greatly, as the costs related to bandwidth usage, server hardware, and software registrations can become overwhelming at times.

    If you'd like to donate funds, you can send a check or money order to:

    Side 7
    4491 Cheshire Station Plaza
    Suite 141
    Woodbridge, Virginia 22193-2226
    United States

    If you'd like to donate equipment, please e-mail us at, and describe the equipment you'd like to send. Please be aware that we cannot accept all equipment donations for various reasons.
  6. Is there any other way I can help Side 7? -
    Side 7 is always looking for additional volunteers to help out with many different areas of the site and its activities. Site moderation is a constant and time-consuming activity. Members may volunteer to help moderate artwork to ensure that it falls within site rules. Members who wish to lead site activities such as Art Night are welcome, as well. Message board and oekaki moderation is another area where volunteers are appreciated. If you wish to get involved, please let the admin staff know at

    Site moderation, and other similar roles, requires a level of dedication and responsibility. Such activities have the following requirements:

    • Maintain frequent contact with the site admins.
    • Maintain a professional demeanor when dealing with issues.
    • Maintain your responsibilities on a constant basis, depending upon your role.
    • Ability to work with others as a team.

    If you feel you cannot live up to the requirements, please do not volunteer. We take these positions very seriously, and expect only the best performance possible.
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