Side 7 A little Swag in her Step
By Dave Minton (davemint)
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  A little Swag in her Step — By Dave Minton (davemint)  
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  A little Swag in her Step — By Dave Minton (davemint)  
Rating: E
Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic
Classified: Undefined
Filesize: 44.00 Kb
Dimensions: 471 x 625
  09 Oct 2004 - 00:17 ET
A drawing that I think came out well... mind you i DID revise it cuz I drew the hips way too small and it was still pencil at the time and it still is until I find my old PhotoDeluxe program figure how to use it correctly.

Kawaii here with a glass (tis Orange Juice), and her hair in a ponytail. This was a kind of illistration with no BG (yet?) from my more current story that I haven't posted yet on the site and that MIGHT be a continous Multi-Chapter thing. So she's here in her normie clothes and even has something to drink and all. hehe I getting good at proportioning my chara's now and its m00cho thanks to my gal-pal for giving me help on it.. and continueing the help. So YAY! Kawaii looks cute.. me try to find PD disc. I post this on Side7 too!! YAY again!

Kawaii Kosen Raccoon is, as always, copyright (©)1999-2004 Dave Minton - Celix Productions/Posh Media (I luv sounding profesh0! ) *hugs to all the girls and ummm... free food to the guys)

Artwork © 2004 Dave Minton

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