Side 7 Cheer-Up with Oreos
By Dave Minton (davemint)
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  Cheer-Up with Oreos — By Dave Minton (davemint)  
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  Cheer-Up with Oreos — By Dave Minton (davemint)  
Rating: E
Category: Miscellaneous
Classified: Rough Image
Filesize: 42.00 Kb
Dimensions: 534 x 436
  13 Oct 2004 - 02:08 ET
This is a cheer-her-up drawing for Janna C. I drew her as her human self... mind you she look a whole lot better irl than in my drawing.. hehe Anywho.. i drew this; which is her getting sidehug like from me (CelixDoggy there) as i show her the truckloads of Oreo's for her. Ben be driving the truck but you can't see. hehe

Celix is shirtless and in sleepy shorts (WARNING: Characters may be thinner than as seen irl); and with sheep themed jammies Janna... and they just there. Im proud cuz jan loves it so much and cuz i actually did a great job on drawing a frontal veiw of Celix, which i almost never could really do. Last time i did... it looked bloody awful! But now it so posh looking-ish!! Must remember how i did that and i thank the while Circle:Body:Face thing Jan told me about to start with. It has so helped in my drawing in general. hehe I proud of this piccy and it cheered Jan up rather well it seems. She been having a bum-tastic week and well week-end as its mainly started bout friday or so of last week. *pats* I <3 my new found good celix piccy with sis! Sorry for the extreame sketchyness....

CelixDog and Image are © Dave Minton
Janna Correa (da h00man) is © Janna C.

Artwork © 2004 Dave Minton

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