Side 7 Can I Have My Arm Back Now
By Ashley Tate (Scryren)
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  Can I Have My Arm Back Now — By Ashley Tate (Scryren)  
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  Can I Have My Arm Back Now — By Ashley Tate (Scryren)  
Rating: T (N)
Category: Humanoid
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 156.00 Kb
Dimensions: 630 x 696
  17 Oct 2004 - 01:31 ET
Back in July I started working on the non eye-bleeding version of “What Are You Doing” and I’m very, very happy with how it came out. I’ll spare everyone the whining about how much of a pain this was and get on with it. First off, Sevino is to the left, Lothar is to the right. And now a simple, semi-vague description of the top layer of the story I’m willing to share: Like the rest of the non-brainwashed citizens of Akheron, Lothar isn’t fond of the OAS even before they offed his mother. So when he’s forced into working with their elite team, ESKE, he doesn’t take it too well and Sevino by default gets the bulk of his hatred.

There, short and sweet. No I’m not hiding any deeper psychological or sorta subtle “I really don’t want to live in this future, even if neural interfacing is feasible cuz we’re all screwed” plot at all. *whistles innocently."

Erebos's Cross (Background) [ link ]

900x955 Version [ link ]

Sevino & Lothar © Scryren 2004

Artwork © 2004 Ashley Tate

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