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Full Name: Kevin McOmie
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20thcore will be 33 this year.
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My name is Kevin McOmie. I'm generally an all around fun/chill dude, don't fret twice about asking questions I'm easy to talk to yo ;]

I'm a part time illustrator who loves sketching and cartooning at all times. I love to make noisy beats on my drum kit. I enjoy making hip-hop and trance absolutely experimental stuff, and working on my graphic novel called "Derringer Suite".

If there's anything you should know about me, I love chilling with open-minded people especially when it comes to art yeh?

bands I dig

chemical bros.
Cut Chemist
DJ Shadow
The Crystal Method
and many many many many more, I dig all the varieties of musical genres.

info about my graphic novel project.
Derringer suite is a world about poverty stricken urban/ metro world of the scum, the pointless and the dirty; along with the corrupt government they call protection. This world will be an illustrated series with primate cartoon characters I found to be very fun to draw. I'll update the full concept of the story with characters and backgrounds later but welcome to my project!

D.S. is my personal project. I hope to start a comic series of D.S. after the cast of character bios are finished which won't be for a while. So please if you will take a look. I do have music around to chill to~

-In the world called Derringer Suite, all the cartoon characters are based off of primates of all kinds. So much of it is just a mirror of what life is like today with gang violence, poverty, prostitution and other issues. But I twist it and make it seem like the world is really at an end.

In the vast, large, Widely populated and busy city of "Argest Main" Everyone lives around the infested streets of over 200 gangs. Many of which are neutral gangs. there are 3 different groups that reside in the streets.

First are the snoops, they prefer robbing and keeping it on the "down-low" w/o getting caught. This consists mostly of younger kids that were left alone or runaways.

The second and MOST popular gang faction is the mobster type run by families who have been in the "protection" business all their lives. These groups consist of older males and sometimes females with a lot of brute force. But most of the prostitution is on their hands. Only when a high esteemed and close member is killed do they get vamped up in an angry rage.

Now the third faction of these groups are the most dangerous gangs and vicious, called the UTG (under the ground) and there are only 4 of them. these gangs reside in dark corners of "Argest Main" except one, which is somewhere in the middle of the city. They're the bigger groups that sometimes offer special services depending on the offer but for the most part they like to keep to them selves and torture anybody that crosses into their "Zones". only the family members live amongst the gang in the zones. and They're the most dangerous because of their power and control not even most police can handle their ferocity and skill. (I'll show names of the gangs later in time)

Everyone else? They try to make it through life with a job, apartment, and friends. The city is run by a rich mayor named Fry Wiltzer. His house is on top of the second tallest sky scraper in Argest Main. He always debates, hates talking about the heavily polluted environment and loves holding big events.

The main set of characters are kids that grew up in an orphanage and the story picks up about 8 years after it was abandoned and run down. The kids created their own Snoop gang and they've been living on the high and low ever since. (names and bios aren't fully ready yet. more characters are in process)

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Thank you for the favorite ^^

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Hey Core!! nice to see you here!
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