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Full Name: Armouros cardear
Username: Armouros
Other Aliases: ARMOUROS
Joined Side 7: 07 Jun 2002
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Last Seen: It's been a while...
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09 Dec 1983
Armouros will be 38 this year.
Location: dunedin, NEW ZEALAND
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Webpage: RE-ANIMAT
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Main Gallery (67): Fan Art - Anime/Manga (6), Furry / Anthropomorphic (15), Humanoid (25), Miscellaneous (21)

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Furry / Anthropomorphic

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  (NAME serge ratten (ALEIS armouros cardear
(FORST INPRECHION im verey quwit wen you forst meat me but i slowley get crasyr and crasyr. you realey hafto make the forst moove arsk me one question and ill go on for agers
(styleyou might think i have moltabil porsanalys becouse i change my style every picher but thay cind of look the same as well?
((t.v all most every thing jusis leage ,Beyblade ,Digimon ,DBZ ,big giy and rustey ,reboot ,N G evalgion ,extream gost busters ,zoids ,batman ,batman of the futcher ,power puf gorls ,bubilgum criceis 2040 ,gargoils ,80's transrormars & armada ,cowboy bebop ,i could go on for ever
(moves)night mear befor crismas ,the matrix ,lion king ,akira ,batle angil aleata ,packlabor ,fight club ,one flow over the cocos nest ,intavue with a vampira ,metropolis , and so on
(hobby's making toys, doring, playing games, climing trees, working home, thinking befor i go to sleap
(dreme job to be a direcktot in an anamatid move/t.v series or toy desiner for a big toy companey (moto why fight the river if you are trying to get to the ochion (mening use people to get were you wont)
(magil stacs im singil no saprise considaring im sauch a loner not that i dont engoy conperney
(pic's if you see http on my pic's thare just from my weeb site that i am proud of so plese go visit it. there are ater pics on it that you wouldant have seen yeat in fackt i put my beast ones on there(to bad i carnt up date it eney more) plus my comic is there its a blud and guts demon killing blad barth story about nathing in pertickular dun in worta caller with backround musick if thats your thing go my weeb page


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18 Nov 2003 - 00:40 ET

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Wow! You're pretty good at CGing! Not to mention mecha design! Keep up the good work! ^^

Khalis Dragyon
(Anonymously Posted)
14 Nov 2002 - 06:51 ET
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Hey i like your art, you are awsome at anime, i actually find it very hard to draw the things you would probably be used to...
sorry cant chat.. finnally able to upload some new stuff
Cya around perhaps

Khalis Draygon

akira/lost one
(Anonymously Posted)
20 Jul 2002 - 00:26 ET
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Private Comment

Khalis Draygon
(Anonymously Posted)
11 Jul 2002 - 08:51 ET
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wow... OoO Like your art.. really do.. its really good.. you have areal talent..
12 Jul 2002 - 20:30 ET

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forst person to put a coment in thanks i neadid chering up i was starting to think that know wone was looking at my pic's

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