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Full Name: Clover White
Username: Clover
Other Aliases: Ash-chan, Clovey, Ash, AB, Monkey, Ashleesls,Bleac
Joined Side 7: 22 Sep 2003
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Birthday: 27 Dec 1984
Clover will be 36 this year.
Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
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Blog/Journal: Ultra Relax
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AIM: Cloveykitten
Yahoo! IM: ladyofchibi
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  YO! I'm Clover, an off-beat former color guard member who has a life that is all about anime, drawing,manga, singing, danceing,theater...and it just keeps going.
I'm in my third year of college, majoring in buisness so I can one day open an anime shop, beacuse there is not one in this stupid town. I'll most likely change my mind but that's okay.
I am currently working at the Eb Games in Charlotte,NC as the Assistain Store manager.

I have an addication to the Final Fantasy game series. I really love Rikku from x and x-2. I don't really do fan art that much so don't expect any LOL. Anyway....

My current love intrest my baby Scott. I love him so much. *mwha*
I hope he sticks around a long long time.

I'm really open and love to talk about myself (if you have not figure it out yet). But I'm a good listener too! I love you, why you ask.....cause you care enough to read this. *huggles* Thanks!


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