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Full Name: Katrien van Riet
Username: Namari
Other Aliases: Namari
Joined Side 7: 23 Aug 2003
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Sex: Female
Location: Holland
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  Hi, I'm Katrien (pronounce Kathryn) and I'm from Holland. Obviously I love to draw. I'd like to improve so please comment! The cat below is Poekie. (She already had that name when whe got her.)  

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16 Nov 2004 - 23:13 ET

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Wow. this is good stuff. You can def. see progress and the crazy thing is the earlier images are from the beginning of this year. These all are really amazing, and your skill for charcoals and pastels are obviously strong. I'm not quite sure which is my fav., but the CB pic, Star, the gryphon and the elven queen.

please lemme know what you think of any of my peices, thanks
25 Feb 2006 - 17:00 ET

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Hey, thanks for your lovely comment! Sorry for the century-late reply, didn't see it, *bangs herself on the head*. I'll be checking out your gallery now! Thanks!

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