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  the world i live in, means so much to me, i didn't think that it was the best, but a world without love is no world at all...

so in this world i shall live, love is everything to me... and so love shall be all that i could handle and so be it....

when the love of your life is found, take care of them with your true heart... love them and never try to hurt them, but when the times come and they have yearn to love... they are the ones that will love you eternally....

but when they hurt you, do not be sad, just stand up and be aggresive with yourself, and do not let hurt engulf you, it will only make you suffer... be strong and never let go... for love is almost everything........

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29 Aug 2003 - 07:18 ET

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interesting ^_^
seems like i'm the 1st one to comment..
Awesome work ~ !
Ganbatte ne !!

[ blury's Biography ]

16 Aug 2003 - 04:49 ET

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Oh, wow! 0_0 I was just checking out your whole entire gallery, and my gosh! You are amazing! Your realism and pencil sketches are just so... gahh! ^__^ Soft and pretty! I wanna touch! I have to admit you're a great colorist, too. You're doing an awesome job... keep it up, dude!
15 Sep 2003 - 11:48 ET

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hey THANKS!...

i'm sorry if i replied late... cuz... i am really not used to side7's new layout... really confusing! ehehe...

well, i'm not really a hardcore artist... so i draw when i'm stresssed or REALLY REALLY bored... ehehe *^^* so now u know.... what i do... lalala... okok i'm really MAD now...

nixx teou
(Anonymously Posted)
03 Nov 2002 - 11:04 ET
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hi, your's pencil drawing is nice, the color one's need some color mood to make the drawing more feel, not bad to have a cyber gallery to show your skill, hope all the best to you.

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