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Full Name: Jason Lamey
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Side 7
  Welcome to Side 7. I hope you enjoy it. The entire staff of Side 7 works very hard to bring you the best site we can.

Side 7 is my creation. I originally started it as a BBS, in 1992, centered around anime. Back in 1997, I refocused the site to be an art gallery. In the time period between late-2006 and early-2009, I completely re-wrote the whole site from scratch, gave it a face-lift, and added a tonne of new features. I hope that everyone is enjoying them.

The staff behind Side 7 has grown tremendously, especially when we incorporated. The site admins are: myself (Owner, programmer, and lead admin), Furrball (Lead Admin and Treasurer), and Gushi (server babysitter, network guru, and all-around nice guy).

I am an artist, as well as the head admin and the code monkey for Side 7. All of the site's code is my work.

I'm not accepting commissions and art trade requests because I'm VERY behind in the images I already owe to people.

I am a web developer by trade, do DJing on the side, am getting a gaming company for table-top RPGs off the ground, am a husband to Furrball, as well as a father to my son and upcoming baby. I'm a busy guy.

Hope you like my stuff. And enjoy the site.

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Defunct User Account
09 Mar 2011 - 12:29 ET
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You're amazing.
Gold Star Award
11 Mar 2011 - 15:30 ET

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BlackLupin wrote:
You're amazing.

Thank you. I appreciate that. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm having fun doing so.

01 Jun 2006 - 23:02 ET

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This is SERIOUSLY amazing! I love the art- it's great!

20 Jul 2004 - 12:53 ET

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Hey thanks for commenting on my Hopelessly Devoted's true tho...LOVE side 7! Yaaaay!

Defunct User Account
23 Apr 2004 - 12:35 ET
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Making my rounds commenting on all the galleries I've ment to comment on and didn't , Raz ends up here. I absolutely love your ability to use Terragen. I just reccently started working with it, and although I've done some things that leave me to question why this program is free, I have yet to achieve the wonderful photorelastic effects you've gotten with it. Your camera angles too, are particularly wonderful.
Besides having a great knack for Terra gen, you also have some very nice art down as well! You seem to be able to switch easily from furry to human quite well, as well as create logos and other such designs. I hope to see much more someday!

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