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Full Name: Fred Richards
Username: furloph
Other Aliases: Furloph
Joined Side 7: 09 Dec 1999
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Last Seen: 10 years, 4 months, -6 days ago
Sex: Male
Birthday: 15 Jun 1979
furloph will be 42 this year.
Location: California, USA Baby
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Webpage: Live Journal
AIM: Furloph187
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Main Gallery (23): Fan Art - Game (1), Fan Art - TV/Movie (1), Fan Art - Other (2), Furry / Anthropomorphic (8), Humanoid (3), Miscellaneous (8)

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Currently Accepting: None
Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Anime/Manga
Furry / Anthropomorphic

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Terri Sender (mouse)

  Heya, Fred here. Wow its been quite a time since Ive had enough time to sit down and update. Been busy busy as you can imagine. Look for more artwork shortly.

Outie 5000 yo.

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