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Full Name: Lonnie Evans
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Furryhart will be 62 this year.
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Additional Commission Info: First of all I don't do trash. I do general rated art, cartoons and clean adult art (Cheesecake). I major in Furry Art but also do some Fantasy art. For an idea of what kind of art I do, check out my gallery.

OK, here is how I do commissions. Email me an idea. I will work on it and send you a rough draft. You give me comments and suggestions. When we agree on the rough draft, I will ink it in sending you a copy for approval. Once you approve, we will talk colors. I will send you a copy of the colored piece for final approval. Then and only then will we talk price. If you change your mind at anytime just let me know. I will store it and use it later. All samples will be watermarked. But not as to hurt the viewing of the piece.

Communication is a two way street, Please respond to all my emails, so I know your up to date on the progress. I need to know what the customer is thinking. I will in turn respond to all emails of yours.

This is how I have done it before and it works for me, at least once. And the customer was very satisfied. The other time I did not watermark and the customer just copied it onto his computer and never paid.

I hope this was informative. If you wish to commission me just let me know.

Thanks for your interest and your continued responses and comments to my art. It is greatly appreciated.

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Furryhart Studio
  I'm Lonnie Louis Evans also known as Frost. I have been drawing on and off since I was 10 years old and am almost completely self-taught. I have had little formal training except for six weeks of elementary art class. I hope it doesn't show. ))

About my art

I draw mostly, what I like to call, clean adult furry art and also general viewing furry art. By furry I mean anthropomorphic art. I also draw some cartoonish style of furry art as well as fantasy (unicorns and dragons and such).

All my drawings started out being hand drawn by me with a .05mm drafting pencil. Because I never color my original drawings, once I am happy with it, I then make a photo copy . I then color this copy, by hand, using colored pencils. I then ink it in, by hand, using a 01 (.25mm)drafting pen with archival ink. This is then My original color drawing. What I sell is a high quality laser copy of this hand colored, hand inked, drawing, printed on sturdy 110 weight 8 1/2 X 11 inch card stock. It is all hand made, by me, without using computer enhancements. Every line, every curve is done by hand, by me.

I sell my art on my website Furryhart or by auction using Furbid or FurEauction. I use the name Frost on all of these sites.

About Commissions

Some of you may be wondering if Frost aka Furryhart does commissions. The answer is yes, but I may not do it like others do. If you are wanting to commission me here is how to do it.

First off I don't do porno, you can view my gallery to see the kind of things I draw. I do Furry, Fantasy, and Cartoonish, general audience to adult cheesecake nothing more. I also love to create new creatures like the Hummingdragon, the Mercats and the Dorians, listed in my gallery. Give me an idea and I will try to put it on paper.

Now here is how to commission me. Send me an email with your idea. If I am working on another project I will let you know and will store the idea until the previous project is complete. I will contact you when I have drawn the basic sample drawing and send it to you via email for approval.

At this point you let me know of any changes you want. This exchange will go on until you approve it. Once approved I will ink it in and send the sample to you via email again.

Now we will start talking colors, that is if you wish it to be colored. I will match the colors you want as close as I can, and send you the color sample for approval. Again the exchange goes on until you approve it.

Once approved we will discuss what you are willing to pay me for it. At the moment I am accepting postal money orders only. I am trying to get paypal and hope to have it soon.

Once complete, the drawing is placed in a plastic protector with cardstock, for protection, and put in storage. Once payment has arrived I will then place it in a cardboard mailer with receipt and a thank you note. I will then send it priority mail and you should receive it in 2 to 3 days. Upon receipt of package please email me and let me know.

(NOTE 1: All samples will be watermarked as to not interfere with the details of the drawing.)
(NOTE 2: At the moment all work is done on 8.5" x 11" multi purpose printer paper, like all my artwork. Hey, it has worked for me a long time and is good paper to work with. I hope to be able to work with cardstock soon.)
(NOTE 3: I love modern communication, so please keep in touch and respond to my email and I will do the same. My email is )

Thank you for taking the time to read my commision information.

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16 Dec 2005 - 21:06 ET

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You have very beautiful artwork and such a beautiful style. I love your coloring, and your linework. I myself use colored pencils, but I'm trying to improve with them.

I'll say I'm terrible with critiques so won't be able to provide one for you, but I am glad to have come across your gallery! Keep at it!
17 Dec 2005 - 00:36 ET

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Thank you for the wonderful comment about my artwork and my gallery. My linework is done with a 01 drafting pen (.5mm) my color is done with colored pencle using a white pencle to mix and smooth the color. You can also use a clear mixing pencle to do the same, but I like the white pencle.

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