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Full Name: James McDowell
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jamemcdo turned 39 this year.
Location: Virginia, United States of America
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  I'm a 19 year old college student whom has been doing art ever since I first learned how to hold a pencil =P Over the course of the past few years, I've gathered interst in several different realms within the anime or video game universe, my more current interest being a resurrected interest in the Mega Man X series. However, my interest don't just dwell in existing series as I also have several characters whom remain original to my wrapped lil' mind, like Wallance MacArthur. Now, whilest were on the subject of art I'd like to say this: I no longer do free requests as my time will no longer allow for me to do them anymore. I do take trade pics and commissions if you'd like one or the other, drop me a line and well get things setup (prices, etc, etc) Well, hope yah enjoy my art.  

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(Anonymously Posted)
08 Jul 2002 - 02:14 ET
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*gone through everything* Just like I said a few minutes ago on AIM, I am jealous of your art skillz. Very much so.

Keep uo the great work!


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