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Tabi Judd (tayjudd)

Um.. hi, I'm me. You may know me as Doo, No.421, Trillian or maybe something else. You may even not know me at all, I dunno. I learned Graphic and Web Design at some point, then gradually levelled down to Generic Office Worker Person.

I like to dabble in all sorts of creative thingadoos whenever time lets me. I don't really do anything other than that.

I'd like to apologize to everyone who ever emailed me and I didn't answer - I'm a giant slacker, I'm sorry. |uu|; (But I like emails.)

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Defunct User Account
12 Aug 2003 - 17:45 ET
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Hey! You deleted some stuff!


You know what THAT means, DON'T you?



(Anonymously Posted)
02 Feb 2003 - 17:42 ET
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DoodLeS: the stuff the best drawings are made of. no pun intended.

(Anonymously Posted)
01 Jul 2002 - 09:16 ET
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^o^ all you art is so awesome!!!! keep it up!!!

(Anonymously Posted)
12 Jun 2002 - 22:50 ET
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