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  hi this is an honor of the artist to get to know each othere! and my name is michael anthony dazzo! i live in brooklyn ny! i have a talant for many reasons i like to say? i have a gift that god! gave me! and i do this not just for entertainment? but more then just a display and more the just calling it fan art! it's a tribut to a famous furry of a looney tune never see like one of anothere ones pears! well? anyway i like to be a famous popular artistic artist and like one of more then just me an icon! a trademark a master of profection! and people who love lola bunny and concept cars! mixed in to one futureristic artectoonnation! powerfull and all so trying to get some oppotunity for making to see more then just calling it art!  

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29 Oct 2004 - 16:56 ET
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The yellow one is my favorite........fantastic...take to the top...Shirley

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