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  Hi there! ThatGirl here, I'm an author as well as artist and an actress. I draw whatever I feel whenever I feel. Ah is good. Anyhow, I love Young Justice, a comic book DC series (you should read it, buy now!) as well as I'm currently a kind of IZ fanatic. My name kind of comes from the fact that I'm kind of not noticeable. People often refrence me as, "Some kid" or "whats-her-face" or "That girl". Hence my name. Which makes me question why I wrote this beacuse no one will read this...except for you. o.o


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(Anonymously Posted)
19 May 2003 - 00:41 ET
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EEK! I love your stuff! It's all so awesome! Willow is so cute she makes me wanna kick my mom RIGHT IN THE FACE!! Don't worry I won't tho. lol. HAT! That's all I have to say is HAAAAAATTT! (you'd have to hear our AIM convo to understand the significance of HAT)

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