Side 7 Change History  

The following is a listing of all changes and bug fixes made to S7-SDB, the Side 7 Engine.

Version 4

S7-SDB Version 4.1

Released: November 7, 2010
Major Updates
  • Added Invite-A-Friend system. This system can earn you additional Account Credits.
  • Added profile Journal system. Share your thoughts with your friends!
  • Added profile Links system. Share your favorite links with your friends!
  • Optimized a number of major queries to speed up the site.
  • Added RSS feed to Recent Uploads page.
Minor Updates
  • Added and updated a number of administrative capabilities.
  • Updated user profile Sex setting to include "Neither" and "Other"
Minor Bug Fixes:
  • Optimized numerous forums-related DB queries and tables to speed up the forums ten-fold.
  • Completely redesigned the forums permissions system for greater security and ease of administration.
  • Fixed Unregistered User posting for forum categories that allow it.

S7-SDB Version 4.0.1

Released: Dec 25, 2009
Major Updates
  • Added CAPTCHA security on commenting and contact forms to protect against bots.
Minor Updates
  • Re-enabled profile image management.
  • Enabled View Favourited Images.
  • Enabled View Images w/ Comments.
  • Added Quick Links to the current logged in member's resources.
Minor Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed auto-linking of URLs.
  • Fixed image comment notification for when a reply is given to a comment.
  • Fixed forums bug where Sticky threads weren't being taken into account for a Group status icon.

S7-SDB Version 4.0.0

Released: Jan 26, 2009
Major Updates
  • A complete re-write of the entire site engine from the ground up using a new coding method. None of the previous code survived.
  • All previous features of the site were maintained, although some features have been modified to one degree or another.
  • New features and feature updates include:
    • New Features
      • General
        • A brand new, reusable, flexible, and extensible codebase and code libraries. This codebase should be easily re-used for other Side 7 web projects, vastly improving the speed of development and deployment.
        • Added the display of the latest forum thread postings to the site's main page.
        • All image listing pages have both a thumbnail mode and a list mode. This mode is also settable by the user for a default.
        • All galleries can also be viewed in a Category Summary mode, listing the last 5 thumbnails for each Category within said gallery.
        • The introduction of Portfolios, folders in which images can be sorted into (images can be sorted into multiple Portfolios) for quick grouping.
        • The addition of a site-wide events calendar to help keep track of Side 7-related events, both online and offline.
      • Galleries
        • With the introduction of Portfolios, images on Side 7 can be added to your Favorites portfolio, so that you can keep track of the images you like.
        • Images can now be added to your "Art Trades For Me" portfolio, for the images others on Side 7 have made for you.
      • Images
        • All images have user-enabled bookmarking and sharing links for sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook, and
        • Upper accounts can add images to "Related Image Groups". These groups can be used for anything from showing progress on an image, to grouping images with similar content (such as fan art from the same show). Any way that multiple images might be related. When an image in a group is viewed, thumbnails of the other related images in the group display under it.
      • Profiles / Biographies
        • The addition of a user-enabled online/offline indicator to show if a site member is currently connected to Side 7.
        • The addition of user-specified, and user-enabled Commission Rules and costs.
      • Site Aesthetics
        • Introduction of a site theming system, so users can change the way the site appears to them.
        • Thumbnails of multiple, user-selectable sizes to fit the user's preference.
      • Site Preferences
        • The addition of several new preferences to help manage your account's privacy, including but not limited to, allowing anonymous comments and guestbook entries, allowing others to add your account to their Museum, and allowing others on the site to add your images to their Favourites Portfolio.
        • Users can now select to prevent the Favouriting of images.
        • Users can now select to prevent others from adding them to their Museums.
      • User Interface
        • Use of collapsible menus for image navigation for user's gallery, recent uploads, special portfolios, and museums.
        • Ability to select any of your uploaded images and mark it as your avatar for use on the site. The system automatically creates an appropriately-sized avatar image from the selected image.
        • The addition of shortened URLs for reaching images, galleries, museums, portfolios, and user profiles.
        • Images outside of a pre-defined range (640x640) are automatically resized to within those parameters, with a link to the full-sized image provided.
      • User Account Management
        • Users can now track all transactions involving Account Credits in a statement similar to a bank account statement.
    • Updated Features
      • General
        • Wrote and implemented a new forums system that is tied into the primary user database so that a user only needs one account on the site. This replaces the use of phpBB, which ended up being a security issue.
        • Expanded the main page's Artist of the Day/Featured Artist to display 8 images chosen at random.
        • An improved login/logout system that is more secure and makes better use of sessions & cookies.
        • Brought back the Image Search engine, completely redesigned from the ground up. It's faster, better-managed, and better-written.
        • Brought back the Member Search engine, completely redesigned from the ground up.
        • Completely revamped and globalized the news system for improved performance, and the ability to post "sticky" news headlines (headlines that appear in places outside of the standard news items, or at the top of news items regardless of date).
        • Completely revamped the Artist Listing to drop irrelevant information, and add up to 4 randomly-chosen images from the user's gallery as sample artwork. This change merges the Sample Art page and the Artist List page.
      • Profiles / Biographies
        • Member gallery information has been broken out into portfolios primarily, with image counts for each category within the portfolio.
        • Addition of a small Museum watch-list.
        • Addition of a small Guestbook listing.
      • Site Aesthetics
        • Compressed, reorganised and updated the menu to make it more succinct.
      • User Accounts
        • Users with upper-level accounts can now track daily views on both their gallery and their images. Annual records of such views can be tracked. Unfortunately, due to an incompatibility between the old record-keeping on this feature, and the new, the old values could not be transfered over.

Version 3

S7-SDB Version 3.0.6

Released: Jul 06, 2004
Minor Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug preventing replies to your own comments on images you don't own.
  • Fixed Reply notifications bug that showed numerous member's gallery links.
  • Fixed Grade List duplication bug.
  • Fixed biography formatting bug.
Minor Updates
  • Moved the E-mail Confirmation system outside of the login system, so you don't need to be logged in to confirm your e-mail address.
  • Improved Search Engine performance during image searches.
  • Updated image listing headers so that they all match, and display the artist's Username.
  • Updated image display page to show the artist's Username.

S7-SDB Version 3.0.5

Released: Aug 19, 2003
Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug preventing Member image totals from updating after an image edit.
  • Updated all member image totals.

S7-SDB Version 3.0.4

Released: Aug 17, 2003
Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug allowing member to give mutliple ratings to a single comment.
  • Fixed duplicate image additions bug.

S7-SDB Version 3.0.3

Released: Aug 12, 2003
Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug preventing Mass Uploading when standard daily limit was reached.

S7-SDB Version 3.0.2

Released: Aug 11, 2003
Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug preventing character biography images being properly added.
  • Fixed upload more than max allowed bug.

S7-SDB Version 3.0.1

Released: Aug 10, 2003
Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed short name field length bug in pre-3.0.0 login page.
  • Fixed broken Art By Date updating system.
  • Fixed missing "Go" buttons in Netscape and Mozilla bug.

S7-SDB Version 3.0.0

Released: Aug 10, 2003
Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed cookie bug with Macintosh-based browsers that caused Mac users to have to reset their site preferences with each visit to the site.
New Features Added/Major Changes Made:
  • Added two new servers to separate out major functions.
  • Migrated from UBB to phpBB2.
  • Updated site layout.
  • Updated site code to bring it up to date with current web standards and technologies.
  • Migrated to using Cascading Style Sheets for layout and design.
  • Renamed "Friends Page" to "Museum".
  • Updated Museum section to include the following:
    • Unlimited Museum members.
    • Display of last 40 images by Museum members.
    • Display a list of a member's Museum members, as well as who lists that member in their Museum.
  • Added icon system for Premiere, Contributor, Image Sale, and Admin Appreciation.
  • Added Premiere Accounts.
  • Added Visitor Account.
  • Updated Free Account limitations.
  • Updated login system to use a more secure login/logout method, with persistant login cookies.
  • Updated member username system.
  • Updated account management system.
  • Updated gallery management system.
  • Added Private Messaging system.
  • Extended the number of biography images from 3 to 15.
  • Extended the number of character biographies from 3 to 5.
  • Updated the site preferences so that only members may set them, and expanded them out greatly.
  • Updated the commenting system so that only members may comment.
  • Added comment grading system.
  • Added Account Credits system.
  • Added Merit Points system.
  • Completely rewrote the site FAQ. Built a searchable FAQ system.
  • Rewrote the links page to be dynamic and database driven.
  • Added site statistics system.
  • Added Site Tour.

Version 2

S7-SDB Version 2.5.1

Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed problem with system not properly recognising uploaded files with a .jpeg extension.
New Features Added:
  • Added Next/Previous Image buttons to Display Image screen.
  • Updated the Edit Image page to include auto-insertion of a copyright notice, and the Anime Source field.

S7-SDB Version 2.5.0

Major Bug Fixes:
  • Updated numerous SQL queries to optimise for speed.
  • Fixed the secondary-page bug on the search results page, where results would not show on pages beyond the first page.
New Features Added:
  • Added auto-copyright notice in image descriptions.
  • Added auto-image format conversion during image upload.
  • Added auto-image scaling during image upload.
  • Added membership qualification test.
  • Modified login to check and see if member has passed membership qualification test.
  • Added ability to hide birthday year.
  • Added Membership Qualification Test system.
  • Added Voting Booth system.
  • Changed page list to drop down list.
  • Updated main page to reduce page size, and minimise on excess information.
  • Updated account info update page to check for duplicate e-mail addresses for security reasons.
  • Added Gallery Commenting System.
  • Added Member Preferences.
  • Added ability to reply to image and gallery comments.
  • Added e-mail address confirmation system.

S7-SDB Version 2.0

Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed errors in filename checking to loop through several times befor giving up, in case of problems identifying an image.
  • Modified Error codes in filename checking to keep the members more informed.
New Features Added:
  • Added Donator and Admin Appreciation icons.
  • Added Artist of the Day.
  • Added image blocking for externally hot-linked images.
  • Added Secret Police Force.
  • Added Commenter Blocking Service.

Version 1

S7-SDB Version 1.4

Major Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed filename checking upon upload. Error reporting corrected.
  • Fixed filesize error for images that are less than 1KB in size.
New Features Added:
  • Added new visitor preference: Remove Thumbnail Blocking.

S7-SDB Version 1.3

Major Bug Fixes:
  • Updated code for Artist List to optimise for speed.
  • Updated code for Sample Art page to optimise for speed.
  • Updated code for Art By Date to optimise for speed.
  • Updated Date Art Listing to break up long pages into multiple pages.
  • Updated Search Results to break up long pages into multiple pages.
New Features Added:
  • Added Comment Prod to Display Image page to help promote commenting.
  • Updated Display Image page to display # of comments given.
  • Updated code for Artist List to not include empty archives in listing.
  • Updated Comment Management system to include comment count.

S7-SDB Version 1.2

Major Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected bug that was causing some images with comments to not be listed in the Manage Image Comments page.
  • Corrected bug that prevented some images from being deleted.
  • Corrected bug that let images with spaces in the filename be uploaded.
New Features Added:
  • Image Comment System updated to e-mail notifications to artists when comments are made.
  • Image Comment System notifications updated to include comment.

S7-SDB Version 1.1

Launch version. Major bug fixes include:
  • Last minute re-write of the Artist List page to increase query times, and decrease page load time. (Page took three minutes to load!)
  • Admin "Delete Account" script re-written to encompass new safety measures reguarding management of account directories.

S7-SDB Version 1.0

Pre-launch version.