Side 7 Site Rules  
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Please Note: Whether or not you read these rules, you will be held to them. It is in your best interest to ensure you read and understand them.
All site rules are subject to change, modification, or additional clarificaion without warning or notice.

Rules Of Conduct

Our site rules include, but are not restricted to:

  1. No sexual content.
    No image or information posted on Side 7 may contain reference to, whether explicit or implied, any sexual act. This includes hetero-, same-sex, sex with objects, sex with minors, sex with self, or any other form of sexual interaction. Anything posted found containing sexual content will be removed from the system. The admin staff reserves the right to determine the extent of sexual content in any image or posting for the purposes of conforming to Side 7's rules.

    The following does not fall under this rule:
    • Artistic nudes, i.e. any nude, or implied nude, that is not performing any implied or explicit sexual act as detailed above, that does not grossly out-proportion or enhance any intimate part of the body, and is portrayed in a tasteful manner.
    • Innocent cuddling, hugging, and kissing.
    • Textual reference to sex without the intent of arousal or describing in detail any sexual act.

  2. Do not publicly protest against the site.
    No image or message posted on Side 7 may contain protests against Side 7. We do not run a tyrannical archive. Please do not treat us as such. If you have any complaint, comment, or question, always feel free to e-mail us with an intelligently constructed, non-flamatory message, and we WILL reply to you with explanations of why whatever action that was made took place. You can always e-mail us about it if it does happen. We have no problem with reversing a decision if we were in the wrong, or mistook any image or message content. Side 7 reserves the right for its admins and staff to not respond to any angsty or flame-laden missives.

  3. No flaming.
    No image, description, or message posted on Side 7 may contain slams, threats, or flames against another person, archive, ethnic group, religious group, or any minority or majority group. Flames include any image, statement, or threat with the intent to belittle, demean, insult, chastise, buffet, or otherwise mentally or emotionally injure another person or persons. This is one issue that we do not tolerate in the least, and is one of the rules that can get you removed from Side 7 on the first offense. Flames do nothing but create animosity and greater problems, and Side 7 will not be associated with it.

    Threats are viewed as equally as offensive, and will not be tolerated, not even in a joking sense (i.e "Steal this and I'll hunt down your dog's food bowl and eat it!"). Threats are immature and just aren't necessary or condusive to our site.

  4. Do not soapbox.
    While your religious and political beliefs are your own, do not use Side 7's message boards, chat channels, image descriptions, or the images themselves to stand on a soapbox and push your beliefs on others, or belittle those who do not share your beliefs. In our eyes, this equates to the issues discussed in Rule #3. Images with political or religious overtones are fine, but do not use them to preach. If you want to preach, do it on your own web site, not on Side 7.

  5. Properly rate and categorise your images.
    The image rating system is an "On Artist's Honor" rating system. This means that it is your responsibility to accurately, and honestly rate your images. Any image found to be inappropriately rated (over-rated as well as under-rated) holds the risk of removal from the system. See the Ratings Guide for more information on image ratings and how to use them.

    Read and abide by the Categories Guide. Mis-categorised images will be removed from the system.

  6. No profanity in public postings.
    Profanity in image titles, image descriptions, image filenames, biographies, or messages posted in the message board is inappropriate. This includes using asterixes ('*'), misspellings, or spelling variations. Please refrain from using it.

    Yes, images may contain strong language as long as they are rated properly. However, because visitors to the site cannot opt to not view the image filenames, titles or descriptions, we do not allow strong language in these areas. Please help us to keep Side 7 an inviting place to visitors.

  7. No depicted drug content.
    No image, message, or image title or description on any of Side 7's systems or services may contain drug content, nor can they depict or promote the usage of drugs. We define drug content as: "Any substance that is controlled under American Laws and Standards." This includes depictions of persons or characters using, imbibing, or consuming any substance that is considered illegal for their age group (such as minors consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes). This kind of content does not adhere to the family-friendly image we are trying to maintain for Side 7. The only exceptions to this rule are depictions of the usage of alcohol or tobacco by characters that are of legal age to do so.

  8. Use Side 7 fairly.
    Your gallery is intended for your original artwork, and only your original artwork. After all, that's why you're putting your art online. Get recognised for your work, not someone else's.

    DO NOT:
    • upload artwork that you have copied or reproduced from someone else, traced from another piece of artwork, or modified. In other words, no reproductions of any kind of someone else's artwork. This is called plagiarism, or commonly referred to as art theft, and will result in your explusion from Side 7.
    • upload artwork that you found on the internet, was given to you, or you received from an art trade or commission.
    • upload photographs or scans of non-artwork.
    • upload screenshots or pre-generated graphics (i.e. doll-maker images, avatar makers).

    Exceptions to this rule:
    • Collaborative artwork: In cases where more than one artist has worked on a single image, all of the participating artists must agree to the public posting of the image, and all artists must be fully credited. Collaborative images are considered images where each participating artist has worked together, contributing an equal, or near-equal amount of work, to create a single, finished piece.
    • Screenshots of personal work: You may upload screenshots from programs, such as 3D applications, of work you have done. This includes 3D models, textures, screencaps from videos or animations you have created, and other such items containing your work.
    • Photographs of home-made costumes: You may upload photographs of any costume or special-effects make-up application that you have created from scratch, and is not store-bought.
    • Photographs of models or miniatures: You may upload photographs of any model or miniature that you have painted, finished, assembled, or otherwise put work into. This does not include images of store-bought toys, or untouched miniatures or models.

    Using other images for reference (i.e. perspective, pose, anatomy) are fine. However, publicly posting a redrawn, traced, or otherwise reproduced image, in part or in whole, is still a violation of copyright law.

  9. No banners or icons in image descriptions.
    While we don't mind HTML or BBCode being used in image descriptions to link to web sites, change text color, or font face, please do not link in banners or other graphics into an image description. This causes extra bandwidth to be used and is discourteous to both the admins and visitors of Side 7.

  10. Each member is allowed one (1) account.
    You have the privilege to maintain one, and only one, account on Side 7. Multiple accounts is grounds for possible suspension or removal of all of your accounts.

    Conversely, do not share accounts. We do not allow multiple users on the same account. If found, we will remove the account completely. This is to protect our members, as well as ourselves.

Please Note:

  1. We will not place our judgement on your artwork.
    No image will be judged on the artist's skill, talent level, or perceived quality. Everyone has their opinions on what is or is not good art work. We will not play judge and jury with our own opinions about your artwork.

  2. We will exercise administrative control.
    All rules infractions are reported to the Moderators, who issue the initial warnings. A warning will result in the review of the incident, and render a decision of just a warning, a temporary suspension, or a permanent ban. Such elements such as the number of reports against a user, past incidences, and other elements will be taken into consideration when rendering a decision.

  3. You retain the rights to your artwork.
    All artwork on Side 7 remains the property of the original artist. However, Side 7 reserves the right to remove any image for any reason.

    Artwork belonging to accounts that have been removed for cause is maintained for archival and comparison purposes of accounts. Additionally, if an account removal decision is reversed, the archived files will not have to be re-uploaded. Archived artwork is not available for public viewing.

If you have any questions as to whether or not an image is within these rules, feel free to e-mail us. It never hurts to ask.

We appreciate your cooperation with our effort to remain an member-friendly and image-friendly site that is suitable to all ages.

Image File Guide

The Technical Guides are for everyone's ease of use for the site, and to keep the site loading more quickly. They are not meant to discourage the artists.

  • Try to keep your image dimensions under 1024x1024.
    Anything over that size will not be easily viewable online. Any image beyond 800x800 will automatically have a scaled-down version created by the system, which is initially displayed upon the Image page. The full version is viewable by clicking on the smaller image or the zoom icon.

  • Try to keep your image sizes under 400K.
    Few visitors will wait for any images of that size to download, no matter what skill or talent you may possess. Keeping your image sizes below 400K is the best bet. The closer you can get to 200K or below, the better. You can achieve this by reducing the size or color count of an image, or by increasing the compression of a JPG image.

  • Use unique filenames!
    Uploading and adding an image with a duplicate filename will overwrite the original image. Make sure each image has a unique filename!

  • Acceptable file types include:
    • GIFs - best suited for illustrations with 256 colours or less, and if you don't want the image compressed.
      • Animated images are okay. Please note, though, that the thumbnail may not appear correctly, depending upon how the animation was saved.
      • Transparent images are also okay, but be aware that the thumbnail may show signs of deterioration in the transparency.

    • JPGs - best suited for higher resolution images with higher colour counts, where compression doesn't matter as much.

    • PNGs - similar to GIFs, but utilise a royalty-free compression method, use a larger number of colours, and makes use of alpha transparency.

    • All other image formats will be rejected or converted to one of the above types. - mostly because they are not viewable natively on the web.