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Amberton. This sleepy little town was nestled in a confluence of three rivers located at the far eastern reaches of the Three Mountains Empire. And within that sleepy town lied a bakery owned by one Tom Acquerne. One of the best bakers in town, his bakery’s known to receive lines that stretches on for miles on a good day. One rainy summer’s day however, his bakery played host to an unexpected visitor.

  • Welcome! How may I serve you today, good sir? Mr. Acquerne greeted as he had done many times previously.

Though his smile faltered a bit once he noticed that the ‘customer’ was dressed in an uniform. Specifically that of an inspector of the Imperial Police Corps.

  • Oh, is there a problem? Acquerne said as he properly assessed the situation.

  • You must be the proprietor of this place, correct? I would like to talk to you about a missing person if you don’t mind? The inspector said.

  • A missing person, you say? That sounds serious… I guess we better retire to the back room then. Come.

In the backroom, Mr. Acquerne offered the inspector some tea which he promptly refused.

  • Now then, what be your business in my humble bakery. Did someone go missing perhaps? Mr. Acquerned inquired.

  • That would be correct. You see, a professor named Rubert Hildebrand went missing a few weeks ago and according to witnesses, he was last seen buying something from your bakery.

  • Considering the amount of customers I get, it would be a very tall order to expect me remember every one of them, down to the minute details. But sure, I’m game. Hit me with some details and I’ll try to remember at least something of this missing person of yours.

The inspector handed Mr. Acquerne a drawing of the missing individual. It depicted a slightly balding middle-aged man with glasses.

  • Is this it? Doens’t seem really helpful as far as finding missing persons is concerned…

  • I know. But you see, time’s running out pretty fast. We would really appreciate if you can recall at least something about the missing person.

Mr. Acquerne began to think. Did this professor really come to his bakery at some point? After all, he receives plenty of customers daily and thus he can’t be expected to remember every face he comes across. Unless… A recollection suddenly flashed in his mind. It was a day just line any other. However, one particular customer was acting rather strangely. He appeared to be flustered, as if he was periously late to something. If he’s the missing person they were looking for, Mr. Acquerne felt that he could be of service after all.

  • I do recall encountering a curious customer that somewhat matches your description about a month ago. He clearly was in some kind of hurry and wanted a Nerio-style pastry all wrapped up as a gift. And he kept muttering something about a convergence. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert but if this guy’s dabbling with forbidden magicks, I fear for the worst. There’s a possibility that somewhere down the line Professor Hildebrand didn’t agree with the rites he was forced to perform and subsequently received punishments.

  • Yes, they are always a bad news. I suppose that was all the info you can give me?

  • Yes, that’d be correct. I hope my info narrowed at least some culprits down the line. I wish you a pleasant day, dear inspector.

After exchanging their farewells, Mr. Acquerne went back to the counter, confident that Professor Hildebrand might still be alive somewhere…

The Missing Professor by Lauri Jurvanen (@BronzeHeart92)

In cases of missing persons, even the tiniest of clues might lead towards the truth.

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