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Ack!  I've re-done Darek AGAIN!
Ack! I've re-done Darek AGAIN! by Tabi Judd (@tayjudd)

Yeh... I thought the other one looked just... looked TOO much like Dib. I dunno why. So I gave him longer hair, different clothes, and stats of some sort. Yup. He's taller than I'll ever be. Tall, skinny, and long hair. I like 'em that way. X3

So, why the birthdate? I dunno about that, either. October's my favorite month (Prolly cause it's Weird Al's b-day month), and 27 is my favorite number (I know that's because of Weird Al). So... October 27th.

He has bandages on his hands because he broke glass in some part in the story ( that I haven't gotten to yet buried somewhere in his memories and... er... stuff. His wounds will heal soon, but the scars left are really ugly, so he keeps the bandages on to hide them. Maybe I should give him gloves one of these days...

Warning about the link to Darek's still-unfinished story... I write short chapters. -_- Artwork © Copyright 2002 Tabi Judd

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