B Sanders

Junicorn 2022 #11 - Forget-Me-Not
Junicorn 2022 #11 - Forget-Me-Not by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

"Grave unicorns are some of the oddest and, amazingly enough, most useful of the unicorn species in some very unexpected ways. No one alive has ever seen a grave unicorn before; the only thing that has ever been found of their existence is a mound of dirt roughly shaped like a unicorn covered in forget-me-nots. This is because, underneath the grave unicorn's remains, there is always the body of some unlucky soul who died far from civilization. Grave unicorns have come to fill an unusual niche in this world. At first thought to be another kind of equimorphic plant, analysis of the unicorn's remains indicate that it is composed mostly of dirt, leading scholars to label it a mineral-based species instead. However, this tends to raise the question of if they are alive or not when all that can ever be found of them is their remains at rest over a human body. The presence of forget-me-nots tends to make these graves stick out, and it is believed that grave unicorns purposefully use their bodies to cover dead humans so that their bodies can be protected from the open elements while also effectively marking the body for others to find. While deemed gruesome, this behavior has actually aided forensics experts and coroners in identifying the lost and the slain whose remains are protected from otherwise eroding weather and predators."

I decided to take a different route with this piece. It gave me a bit of practice in drawing uneven terrain.

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