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New Character: Hogarth
New Character: Hogarth "Boulder" Eartheart by Violet Whirlwind (@VioletWhirlwind)

New character for a secret project. (5 of 8 ) Not completely sure what the plot is yet, but I think it concerns witness protection, evil shadow-societies, and elemental magic.

Name: Hogarth "Boulder" Eartheart Species: Babyrussa Element: Earth

Fancies himself a "ladies man," But most girls are turned off by him being of an "ugly" species, and he doesn't understand why. His tattoos probably don't help the situation, despite him getting them to be "cooler." XD

Pose-fail again. I keep trying to do forced-perspective, and failing miserably.

Image and character(c) Violet Whirlwind Productions

Furry / Anthropomorphic
9 years and 191 days ago
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