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Griffin With Butterfly Wings
Griffin With Butterfly Wings by Cody Spaid (@Illucian)

Just a little sketch done to include in a belated birthday gift. The scanner murdered the soft highlighting detail in the feathers/fur, and since it's now in the mail (or hopefully at its new owner's residence), there's not much I can do about it. Psyche is a rather unique griffin, as is obviously evident. From her four paws, to her horse's mane and tail, to her butterfly wings, she's most definitely one of a kind in appearence--and as herself, of course. (And yes, my title is a take-off of a Smashing Pumpkins song.) I had a lot of fun doing her wings, lemme tell yah. Prismacolors on a drawing pad, and I couldn't get her hindpaws to fit on the paper in a way that would look right. But I don't have to show only my best work, right? Psyche is © Mira Horsky.

Rough / Concept
20 years and 36 days ago
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