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The infamous No. 421 sketchpage!
The infamous No. 421 sketchpage! by Tabi Judd (@tayjudd)

I've been wanting to get this scanned for a while... Here is a typical sketchpage example of mine when it revolves around one subject. In this case, that subject is No. 421. My sister watched me draw this and was like, "You're drawing that thing AGAIN?" and I'm like, "Ja!" nodding and grinning like an idiot.

Who is Nani? Nani is... er... a Black Mage type character of mine I made up a while ago when I was bored... He's not much of a FFIX type mage, though. I was kinda looking at Black Mage from 8-Bit Theater when I drew the character.

I like to steal Nani's hat often (That explains the Taklay down there with Nani's hat on), so I gave him a hood on his robe-thingies so that no one would go insane by seeing what they really look like under there, as one of the theories go. =P

I like the one in the middle the best. points at the one with the |^^| face The rest of them have strangely-drawn hands. o_O

Rough / Concept
19 years and 270 days ago
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