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Challenge. Accepted.
Challenge. Accepted. by Violet Whirlwind (@VioletWhirlwind)

[b]Themes 74. Are You Challenging Me?[/b]

Ok, so none of the characters are challenging each other. I'm using a different interpretation of the theme here. One of my friends challenged me to draw a pic with certain parameters in a certain amount of time. The challenge was to make a full-body pic of my character Reni devouring a pizza she was supposed to be delivering. I stuck Surge in there too because obscure reference to part of my fanfic. (He has the job of pizza delivery boy in the story...which is how....spoilers removed XP) And also because funny.

UGH. WHY did I draw this in pen? (answer: because I started it when I was not at home, and had forgotten my pencil) Do not point out the anatomy issues, I am aware of them. Why do I keep trying to draw crossed-legs? I already know that is a fail-pose for me. Also hands, what is this, I don't even...

Reni and Surge (c) VioletWhirlwind

Fan Art - Animation/Comic
8 years and 283 days ago
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