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Junicorn 2022 #9 - Marigold
Junicorn 2022 #9 - Marigold by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

"Marigold unicorns are an interesting equimorphic plant species. Born mostly of common marigolds, they are one of the few species which will not hesitate to approach humans. The petals which form their manes are easily detachable and secrete an oil which can be used to disinfect open wounds and reduce swelling while the petal itself can serve as an impromptu bandage. The same can also be consumed as an emergency ration, although they are often described as horribly bitter and hard to chew. Marigold unicorns tend to be attracted to the presence of humans or wounded animals and will often lower their heads to offer the petals from their mane. They detest having their horn blooms touch and, although their horn is blunted, will react by clubbing an offender on the head with their rock-horn. They are valued by forest and park officials since they are good at locating lost people and rendering aid before officials can arrive."

I decided to do another head shot of this one. It doesn't seem as dynamic or expressive as unicorn #3, but I am glad the coloring in the main worked out much better than I had been expecting. I also teased the green coat a bit to give it a little more variation when compared to unicorn #7. Not entirely sure where I was going with the background. I probably should have made it a full field; it would have contrasted better against the unicorn's coat.

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