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Critters: Barometz
Critters: Barometz by Violet Whirlwind (@VioletWhirlwind)

Barometz (Vegetable Lamb) : A strange sheep-like creature that appears to grow from a seed and emerge from a flower. Currently under extensive study as to how this is possible.

Anyway...more critter templates for my so-far non-existant web adoptable site. The little captions above are not necessarily set in stone story-wise. I still don't exactly know what my story is going to be with these adoptables, and it constantly changes.

This one has more stages than any other critter I've ever drawn (6). The starting stage (seed) and second stage (seed taking root) were supposed to look somewhat like cotton...despite me not really knowing what cotton seeds look like. Mythology tends to leave it at stage five (lamb emerging from flower), but I gave it another stage, because how would it survive if it can't move from one spot but still needs to graze?

Image and critter (c) Violet Whirlwind Productions

9 years and 219 days ago
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