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Portrait of an Apology
Portrait of an Apology by Cody Spaid (@Illucian)

(Reuploaded) Eos is an espeon-morph character of mine on Pokémorph MUSH with schizophrenia. When she underwent the Change, she had newly evolved to espeon form, and wasn't in control of her psychic powers. She felt the pain and was assaulted by memories of morphs in torment all around her, and it shattered her mind. As she explains it, "It's like in that nursery rhyme, when the egg broke. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put him back together again. They can't put me back together again, either." Mrr. Poor girl, ne? She's got her times when she's almost normal and lucid, and then there's times...well, like this sketch shows. The name of the image and the lyrics are from a Jars Of Clay song, and if you can't read 'em, they say, "Calling, crying, ashamed of what I am not / Really failing, falling into this cage and I can't escape / I can't escape from this..." Image and character are copyright © Cody Blair.

Furry / Anthropomorphic
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20 years and 346 days ago
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