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Junicorn 2022 #20 - Jay
Junicorn 2022 #20 - Jay by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

"Unicorns have developed in a variety of ways which boggle the mind, although there are few which seem to make any less sense than what have come to be called the "pseudopteric' breeds of mammalian unicorns. While they are biologically mammals, they possess attributes which have parallels with specific species of birds, an occurrence which is not well-understood by scholars. Pseudopteric unicorns possess coat colors which mimic feather patterns from birds, horns which appear to be colored the same as that bird species' beak, and abnormally large eyes. Their behavior depends mostly on the bird species a pseudopteric unicorn is based on. For instance, jay unicorns, being based on a medium-sized species of bird, tend toward flighty behavior but can become irate if provoked. They are a notably vocal species, and their calls tend to be described as a "songbird who won't put down the hard liquor". They can be a nuisance to neighborhoods, but they are easily driven off so long as they are not in the mind to take offense."

Based on images of the Island Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma insularis). I feel good about this work, and it looks substantially horse-like compared to some of the rush jobs I've been doing lately. My only problem is that spot around the eye; I feel like I could have made that fit the face better.

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Posted: Thursday, 27 April, 2023 @ 12:44 AM
Rating: 4

He’s cute, I love his golden freckled horn.

Posted: Thursday, 27 April, 2023 @ 03:52 AM

@DaGrandDragonn: Thanks. That's probably the best part, something that actually showed a little work in this rush job.

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