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Junicorn 2022 #18 - Sunrise
Junicorn 2022 #18 - Sunrise by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

"Considered the opposite of the sunset unicorns, the sunrise unicorns are a variety of celestial unicorns which embody the rising sun. Their appearance is quite rare, and they have only ever been spotted in daylight. Of course, their particular patterns make spotting them difficult unless the unicorn happens to be cloudy. (Yes, you read that right; celestial unicorns of this and the sunset varieties can have different weather appear in their coats.) They prefer to keep their distance from humans. They have been known to stir up animals, most often during the spring. It was at first believed that they were rousing animals still in hibernation. However, they have also been seen to wander into barns and cause livestock to panic by raising a ruckus and vanishing just before a rancher can show up. Since then, most scholars speculate that, in spite of its relatively angry appearance, sunrise unicorns are simply having fun startling other creatures. This can be hazardous for humans should they happen to be in the midst of a stampede."

Added a few details that I forgot to use for the sunset unicorn. I like how the coloring came out on the body.

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