B Sanders

Winter Tanka
Winter Tanka by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

Fuyu kaze yo
Kiri o oshi noke
Douka yuki kure

"Oh, winter winds!
"We cannot speak to each other,
"It has been a long time.
"Push away the fog,
"Please give me snow."

Lately, there's been a lot of fog in the area I live in and almost no snow. This sucks for me, because I grew up in colder climates where snow would fall as early as October. I was inspired to write this after driving to pick up a snack for my nephew. This is in the format of a Japanese tanka, so it's a 5-7-5-7-7 morae format. For those of you having trouble using a drawing tablet on Firefox, you can put the oekaki program in full-screen mode so that Firefox won't scroll on you on those up-strokes. That took me about twenty minutes to discover...

My submission for the December 2022 Challenge.

© 2022 B Sanders

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