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Junicorn 2022 #19 - User Choice 2
Junicorn 2022 #19 - User Choice 2 by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

"Lava unicorns can be some of the most frightening of the mineral unicorns in existence. Their appearance is composed of fresh lava regularly encased in a layer of cooled volcanic rock. Their bodies easily reach 1500°F and higher, making even being within throwing distance of one very dangerous. They are born from lava exposed to the outer surface of a volcano and wander into nearby forests and even human settlements, leaving a very distinguishing path of destruction before eventually cooling themselves into a solid mass of rock. For centuries, many believed that these unicorns were an extension of a mountain's consciousness that had become displeased with the locals and decided to wipe out the landscape. Observations of their behavior in the past few decades has led to a change, however. It is believed that, while destructive, lava unicorns are ultimately acting benevolent, as their presence frightens away animals and humans. All records of their appearance has preceded the eruption of active volcanoes, leading scholars to believe that lava unicorns are actually trying to let local creatures know that the volcano is dangerous. The ensuing destruction of property also tends to drive of humans who would otherwise be too stubborn to run away."

I tried out a technique I had seen on DeviantART a long time ago (I think the user is no longer active), and I'm actually quite taken with how striking the unicorn is. This piece is another rush piece, but texturing and fractures on the unicorn actually feel very impressive.

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