Lauri Jurvanen

  • My Lord, you have a visitor.

  • Great, as if I didn’t have enough to keep me busy today… Well, bring him in.

Lord Ashley Shepperton of Brentworth was in a particularly tired mood today. From overseeing the defence of the town from Hordes of the Deep to assessing the damage the attack caused on his manor, he had quite the busy day. And now someone wants to meet him out of the blue? With a sigh, Lord Shepperton composed himself and readied himself to greet this guest.

The guest turned out to be a shorter man, clad in drab clothes and a flat cap. And if the cloth covering one of his eyes is of any indication, he only had one functional eye to work with. Whatever tales this man has to offer, they certainly are going to be interesting. After directing the guest to the living room and offering him tea (which he politely refused), the man started to tell his story.

  • I come from a small town located in the Southern Marches. I was one of the only survivors of the attack The Remnant caused in our village.

  • The Remnant, you say? I thought they were dealt with plenty of Cycles ago.

  • That is true. But they have stayed out of sight, biding their time before they can emerge once more. Old habits certainly die hard it seems. Their dream of establishing a new Empire still lives. The stranger said with conviction.

Lord Shepperton couldn’t help but to be worried at these news. Are The Remnant and the Hordes somehow working together? That couldn’t be possible now wouldn’t it? The two factions practically hates each other guts with the Hordes of the Deep in particular being all too ready to backstab at the first opportunity. Nonetheless, it’s important to hear him out.

  • By the by, I’ve noticed that your town’s in a rather destroyed state too. The stranger continued. - Did The Remnant somehow cause havoc over here too?

  • No, that was courtesy of the Hordes of the Deep. I’m sure you have heard of them too, right? Nasty creatures originating from caverns deep underground. And it’s doubtful that these attacks are related either because it’s simply unlikely. The Hordes never play nice with anyone else. Even The Remnant would be nothing more than a literal buffet for them.

  • Yeah, I guess I can definitely see that. However, it’s possible The Remnant have for whatever reason managed to sic these creatures as a distraction and that once the town’s weakened enough, they could swoop in and finish the job.

  • By the Six and the One, are you serious?

  • Of course it might just be a rumor. Still, that very possibility cannot be ignored.

  • Let’s all hope it won’t come to that. You know, despite your meager appearance, you seem to know plenty of things.

The stranger gazed intently at Lord Shepperton, a smirk forming on his weathered lips. Now was the moment he was going to reveal their connection.

  • That’s because I’m not mere stranger, Lord Shepperton. You may not know me but I do know your father, under whom I served all those years ago in the War.

  • Then that must mean you’re Finnick Tully. But I was told that you died in battle. To see you actually alive all this time is…

  • A miracle? Or perhaps a mirage?

  • Well, when you put it that way, what actually happened after the war ended?

  • Simple, I knew that I could no longer live a normal life after everything I’ve done. And so, with a little help from your father, I managed to convince you that I was gone to the Realm Beyond. While in truth, I settled in the most remote village I could find and became a humble fisherman. But now, that peace’s about to shatter once again, I felt it was important to let all Allied Realms know to be prepared. And I know I can trust you to relay forward this message.

  • I-I… I don’t what to tell them. The Congress… His Majesty… Everyone would panic. Nobody would ever believe me. My command, my title. Everything would vanish just like that. Lord Shepperton pouted.

  • It’s ok, you can go through this. You just need to be brave. Tully assured.

  • You may be right. If our country and her allied realms are truly in danger, something must be done about it. Master Potter, please prepare my carriage. As for you, Corporal Tully, my guest room is free for you to use as you see fit.

The Looming Threat by @BronzeHeart92 (Lauri Jurvanen)

Peace has reigned for a long time. And yet, one evening a Stranger comes to visit Lord Shepperton with a very important message.

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