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Junicorn 2022 #26 - Stars
Junicorn 2022 #26 - Stars by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

"Stellar unicorns are recognized as a breed of celestial unicorn. This is mostly because no one really knows how else to describe them. Unlike the rest of the celestial unicorn breeds, stellar unicorns actually appear to be composed of starlight (or, more accurately, the accumulation of starlight in a local area) pulled out of the night sky and assembled into something vaguely resembling a nebula or galaxy with the gathered stars serving to indicate where most of its body is. Its behavior is confusing, as it is hard to determine what the point of their appearance is. It mainly seems to show up before a significant event. There are recordings of their appearance before a major battle, sometimes when a war starts and sometimes at the end of a war. This accounts for about half of known sightings. It is also thought that they appear in front of someone important to the future of world history, although there is evidence that these claims were made as a piece of propaganda regarding some of the heads of state which have had a major impact (often those of a negative nature). Their appearance is heralded by the stars disappearing from the sky, and they can be quite startling in spite of the fact that they do not appear interested in affecting anything."

I was not as pleased with this one, but I was extraordinarily tired when I put it together. I didn't even sketch it out; I just made a vague shape and just sort of went with it from there.

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219 days and 21 hours ago
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