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Phantom Hourglass Link for Mindy
Phantom Hourglass Link for Mindy by Miguel Castaneda (@migucast)

It's Mindy's birthday today and... Well... Originally, she didn't want anything and I wasn't going to give her anything but... :\ Let's just say she's not having as happy a birthday as she should and so I cobbled this together at the last minute to cheer her up. Nadia said I should draw her Ed but... I'm not into male porn (j/k) sooo... XD Anyway, Mindy's playing Phantom Hourglass now and so I thought a cute little Link might be nice. Originally, I wanted to follow the style of the official art, inking the lines in color rather than black and so on... But... The pancakes I had for dinner didn't sit well in my stomach and I had to make so many trips to the bathroom that I finished 3 chapters of Gunsmith Cats and didn't finish the final lineart until 5:30 AM... -_-;;; Since it had gotten so late, I gave up on the idea of anything fancy and just rushed it out as fast as I could.

So... Mindy... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I hope things turn out better today than you thought. ^^

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