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Koshiro Izumi's arsenals
Koshiro Izumi's arsenals by @Masonicon (Zakaria Shalih)

these are some of the arsenals that Koshiro "Izzy" Izumi in my fanfics can summon from out of the blue with his Technopathy(so these weapons can only work on his hands, unless otherwise) and powered by his electrokinesis. these are similar to Nanotechnology that MCU!Ironman uses in both Avengers Infinity War and Endgame movies, except these are controlled instinctually by Koshiro's technopathy and powered by his Electrokinesis

and here they are: 1. Energy Blades: whatever Koshiro need to swordfight these come handy, they're another legally-safe lightsabers 2. cyber gauntlet: when Koshiro need to use brute strength(for subverting the Squishy Wizard trope in my mega-crossover), these come handy, also come in at least 3 cannon modes: Sonic cannon mode(this is one of Teen Titans 2003 Cyborg's arsenals that Koshiro did replicate with his Technopathy, for delivering non-lethal firepower), Disruptor Cannon mode(for delivering lethal firepower, works by disrupting strong nuclear forces of target objects, making Electromagnetic reactive armors and even strongest materials offers little protection from this), and Wormhole cannon mode(essentially Portal gun). this can also usable to stablilzing flight by Grav-boots 3. Grav-boots: whatever Koshiro needs to fly like people such as Starfire and Raven as well flying alongside his Tentomon, works by controlling Gravitons 4. ranslocator beacon: another way Koshiro achieve FTL anywhere outside Cyberspace(beside using wormhole cannon) by teleportation that lead to this beacon 5. Scanners: another Cyborg's arsenal that Koshiro did replicate with latter's technopathy, works exactly like Cyborg's one 6. Tesla Turrets: for defense 7. concealed belt: for either cloaking and energy shield(latter is for subverting Glass Cannon trope that applies to Koshiro himself) 8. Aimbot goggle: for faking Black Belt much like MCU!Ironman did in Captain Ameica Civil War movie, when dealing with more skilled fighters for his opponents 9. there's more devices that Koshiro can summon with his Technopathy than those depicted above: from nanotech hat that enhance his Intelligence to Superhuman levels, handheld Railgun that shoots Tentomon, etc

Koshiro "izzy" Izumi © Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation

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