Miss D. (Debra)

The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog 2023 - Memories
The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog 2023 - Memories by Miss D. (Debra) (@Weasel_Silver24)

Ah! I remember watching AoSTH on WB 53 six in the morning with all those crazy characters, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts - all of them giving Sonic and Tails (and anyone else) trouble and problems, but Sonic and Tails always winning in the end. :) I know I put Scratch on a Sonic Riders Extreme Gear, just something a little different.

I have played the Sonic Riders on the Game Cube, but can't quite get into it. It's kind annoying to try to keep the hover board juiced and going... Gerrr! >_<

COPYRIGHT NOTICES: Sonic The Hedgehog, and all other characters seen here belong to (C) Sega/DIC Entertainment. This Drawing and idea for this is (C) Miss D. (Debra) 2023

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