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You Better Be Wary
You Better Be Wary by @Anniepopokios (Annie Popokios)

Bigger paper would have been nice for this one xD I really wanted to put her all on there but sadly I ran out of room for her big tail I practically forced myself to not be lazy and try to color each strand of fur instead of my usual scribbly and totally random strands of badly shaded fur xD I think I'm getting more used to coloring this way thus I'm beginning to get happier with the results 8) I've drawn two pictures of this girl and my new colored pencils are already getting really worn down xD I drew and colored this while I was at Kyya's house watching Darkwing Duck. Do any of you guys remember that old show? Oh I used to watch it all the time when I was little.

Hmm this is a new character of mine. Created because I wanted some purple and golden on a wolf character and I wanted a large pretty looking wolf. Thus she was born! I wanted to capture a type of beauty that looked both majestic and abit intimidating. o.o Unless anyone else ahs a better name for her I'm naming her Imogene (E-moe-gin-neigh) and she's going to have a sister too 8333 I can't wait to draw a picture of her! I've got her all planned out in my head lol

Well theres not much else to say cept I'm sorry for the bad quality (my scanners messy) and I hope you guys like this one! 8D I'm actually really tired right now. I think I'll go empty out my message bin and then go sit down and draw some stuff <3

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