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Afton Family by @AmberzArtz (Amber Afton)

I guess I should say the "robots" aren't exactly robots (well the fredbear + spring bonnie + night are not- of course. )

The only robots are:

  • fnaf 1

  • fnaf 2

  • fnaf 6

  • Circus Baby doesn't exactly exist in my AU so 💀 the robot does I guess!

  • most of the robots are possessed by kids but nothing shipping like happens with those- Fnaf 2 the only possessed ones are the withereds and puppet

The others are mostly anthro or just flat out demons like in helluva boss or some shit-

William: demon (used to be human ofc)

Henry: human

Spring Bonnie: Demon (think of ITP Bonnie ina way? )

Fredbear : demon

Night: demon

(Those 3 demons wanted to escape hell and wants to start fresh. William wasn't a demon originally so when he was a human he adopted Spring- Fredbear and his son night just followed Spring tbh 💀)

Jessy: Human

Amber : human demon hybrid

Now the Afton children are just flat out adopted.

Of course in my AU MLP, FNAF, And Helluva Boss are in the same universe. Just different plants + ones in hell.

People would call this cringe but idc I'm f r e eeeeeeee + it's fun lol


❥. Do not Reupload any of my designs or art.

❥. Please do not reference off my artwork and post it! I really do not like that.

❥. please do not draw NSFW of any of my characters!

❥. If you want to draw gore of any of my characters, ask me first! As some ocs I do not want gore of!

❥. You are free to draw my designs and characters. Just do not make ship art of my oc with yours (for example)

❥. Do not change my designs to the point of them not even being my design any longer.

❥. Basing a oc off of my ocs are not tolerated! ( colors, patterns, clothing I do not own lmao but if a character is almost exactly like mine ) I will warn you if you do base a character off of mine. If you do not comply with what I say, you will be blacklisted from any of my designs + blocked.

❥. Do not use my characters in any video games, aus for yourself, or use it without my permission.

© 2023 Amber Afton © 2023 Scott Cawthon

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