Artshit: Just Cleaning
Artshit: Just Cleaning by (@MyFurryMind)

Ok, this is not something I did within a day! I started this last week out of a few days I was able to work on it, hehe. Wanted to create a scenario that a certain supporter over on my Patreon inspired me to do during a conversation! Couldn't help myself. Also gave me a chance to refine Zeke's build, so... cool!

For my project, Spoors, anthros are considered to still use their tongues to clean or brush fur of others, even though there is more advanced methods such as showering, fur brushes, etc. It can also be considered as an act of intimacy and expression of affection. In any case, it is considered a general action for anthros like Zeke while to most evolved anthros it's animalistic and informal for public eyes (PDA).

Despite what everyone thinks, Zeke will still clean Ruby on a regular basis in public or in front of his brother (knowing it would bother him) as a friendly gesture. However, Ruby knows well that he hasn't done it ever since she dated Razor and not for just that purpose... but after "the incident" happened. Gasp!

Enjoy! Now, gotta focus on comms!

  • Spoors, Art, Zeke & Ruby © MyFurryMind 2023

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