Damian Power

Just Go Away Lines
Just Go Away Lines by Damian Power (@Chaos-Mirror)

Haha! Double fan art drawing! Wonder how many know the character in the back? Ink has not been put to paper yet! :3

Just sketching for the sake of sketching and probably won't color anything for awhile as I'm on burnout. That said, been wanting to draw these two together for a long time now. So many similarities but the most notable, besides the uncanny similarity in their masks, is that both characters are voiced by Liam O' Brian. Alright, Endrance is but his Avatar, the character in the back, doesn't have a voice except by Endrance so I do consider his voice to be his Avatar's too.

Infinite the Jackal belongs to Sega and Sonic Team.

Macha and Endrance belong to Bandai.

Fan Art - Game
14 days and 7 hours ago
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