Collab: Netik Meets Kaoi Part Two
Collab: Netik Meets Kaoi Part Two by @MyFurryMind

(Since this is a collab, Kareca and I agreed to make it available to the public! Expect more soon!)

Here's Part 2 of a Collab with MonkareNSFW (from Twitter)! Was holding onto this for a while so style is old. I think I'm getting the hang of designing them better as I go!

Gasp! What do you think he means???

As you'll notice, Netik is "sensitive" when he comes into contact with others, even just the slightest. He's a dork with a perverted mind, don't judge! XD

Also, eggplants need a rest, we should get back into pickles, hehe!

  • Kaoi © Kareca
  • Art & Netik © MyFurryMind 2023

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