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Junicorn 2022 #14 - Blue
Junicorn 2022 #14 - Blue by @fragmented_imagination (B Sanders)

"Blue unicorns are some of the more emotionally-sensitive members of the unicorn spectrum. They respond to feelings of guilt and tend to react based on the level of guilt a human is experiencing. In modern times, this ability has been harnessed with the introduction of "police unicorns" into law enforcement around the world. However, this concept has a few flaws that trainers and handlers have to work around. The main issue is that blue unicorns can have violent reactions to guilt. Suspects have been subjected to attack in the past simply due to their proximity to blue unicorns. Handlers often have to either leash them or put blinders on so that they cannot see suspects. Many agencies require trainers to regularly grind down their horns in order to avoid killing people. There is also the fact that blue unicorns respond to any form of guilt, whether it is a minor feeling one gets telling a white lie to a friend or deep-seated regret from murdering a loved one. While blue unicorns will indicate even minor pangs of guilt (often either by nudging a person with their horn or a light kick), precedent has long determined that judgment from a blue unicorn is about as admissible as polygraph tests. These days, they are mostly used to root out people hiding since suspects running from the police rarely have a moment to compose themselves once they see a police unicorn approaching."

Another rush job, but at least with a little more detail.

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