Daisy Hunt

Alexander Character Reference

First off, are we all quite clear on the fact that Alexander is MALE? smiles. There's been some confusion over this recently.

Alexander is an innocent and childlike being created from Alister's self-hatred, which reached a high point when he was being controlled by the Orichalcos and forced to duel against Raphael and Valon. At the moment he created Alexander, Alister wanted to die rather than to kill his friends while under the Orichalcos's spell. Alexander was then given physical form with the foremost idea that it was his mission to kill Alister in order to make him happy.

Alexander was taken prisoner by the Orichalcos as soon as he was created. Trapped all alone in the "bubble" holding cell, he was frightened and terrified. Before, he had resided safely in Alister's heart and didn't know what it meant to be alone. Suddenly, he was on his own with no one around to help him. Hence, his phobia of not being alone developed.

He was set free at last when Dartz was releasing the souls held captive by the Doom Reborn organization. Prior to this, the Leviathan had rejected him because he was only part of a soul, and they got into a fight. Once Alexander was free, he tried to fly away with the mismatched wings on his back, but his angel wing had been torn in the battle and he fell to the floor.

Because he is Alister's opposite, he started out with the idea that he "loves what Alister hates and hates what Alister loves." When he sees Dartz, he proclaims that because Alister hates him, Alexander loves him, and then he adopts Dartz as his father figure. Dartz is, of course, appalled. But he takes pity on the strange creature and nurses him back to health. Since he is no longer under the Orichalcos's influence, Dartz can actually be a compassionate person.

When Alexander's wing has healed, he sets out to complete his mission. After several failed attempts, during which the bikers are very confused and upset by his presence, he is told by Alister that Alister wants to live now. He does not want to die because he has his friends to live for, even though he still misses his brother and mother. Alexander, loving Alister (in a non-romantic way) above anything else, is stunned. He realizes that he would not have made Alister happy by killing him and he is horrified at the thought of what he would have caused.

With his purpose in life suddenly gone, the doppelganger goes back to Dartz to attempt to sort out his confusion. Over time he slowly developes more of his own opinions and he realizes that he cares about Dartz not simply because Alister does not like him. As he learns more about the world around him, he is stunned by the cruelty of most people and prefers to stay close to the few people he trusts.

Mentally, he is a child. His appearance is filled with symbolism, such as his hair style being that of Alister's when he was a child. That was when Alister's self-hatred first began, as a child. Alexander's mismatched wings symbolize how his mission was to do something bad, but how his reasons for it were only good.

He is devoted to Alister and Dartz and strives to protect them. He gets along well with Chris, though Ironheart is stern with him and he is still getting to like Valon and Raphael. He would never hurt them, even though he doesn't like them, because he knows it would hurt Alister.