Captain Jake 'Blazing' Hurricane
Captain Jake 'Blazing' Hurricane by @Eternity9

Old art from 2021

Name: Jake 'Blazing' Hurricane Age: 44 Gender: Male Race: Pegasus/kirrin/Hippogriff and Zebra Hybrid (Mother Pegasus/Hippogriff Hybrid, father Zebra/Kirin Hybrid)

Magical Element: Fire

Info: Captain of the 'Sky' Division, he was not raised among other pony's in a far away land where had been given the name Jake by the creatures at the orphanage, when he grew older and found himself among pony's again he added 'Blazing Hurricane' to his name so his full name would sound more pony-ish

He is hard working and very powerful able to ignite his body into his 'nirik' like form without needing to get angry.

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